Non-Formal Life

We started our following EVS project, called Non-Formal Life. With the help of Zivile, Lenka, Lisa and Anita, our aim is to organize quality activities and workshops for youngsters and children in Saint Anne Youth Center, and to help promote and implement local initiatives. What is little bit new in this project, is that we would like to show you better how our EVS colleagues live her. We would like to maintain an active blog site, make short videos, reports made with our volunteers, or with locals from their perspective.

Here are some pictures we made during our training. In real life they are much more beautiful and they are less look like some kind of creatures from a horroristic South Park episode :).





Carnival season is here

On the 5th of February, we are going to organize a weekend activity, during what children will have chance to create their own masks. For this, we use bandage material which is covered by little plaster. We put this bandage on the face after we put a little oil on the face to keep it hydrated, to protect it from the plaster and to make the ask easier to remove after it’s dry.