A Different Sunday

-A different Sunday-
For the January 10 2016 we decided to do something different.
Usually Sunday is an off day for the volunteers in Tusnad but for one time we took the decisions to use our time to create a different afternoon for the children.An afternoon full of creativity,laughs and expecially full of games and activities open to all the ages.
We discovered that on this day the children and the youngsters are very bored,expecially because in this small town they haven’t got the possibility to enjoy a lot of experiences and activities to be busy.
We prepared different games,board games,mind games and little smart activities that we learned on our On-Arrival Training.Games where is necessay the co-operation and team work.
The snow was the framework on this beautiful day and is incredible how the children mind is so simple,everything was a game for them.They were totally free to stay in or to go outside to play and make snowballs war.
I’ve seen another thing,their voices was the soundtrack of the day,never silence and quiet place but was not impossible to keep the control and to hold on.In every table there was a different board game and these children managed everything very well.
At first we were afraid a little bit because 4 volunteers were not enough but after I stoped and I took a look around and there was a very good climax between them,no conflicts,no fights.
For this reason I will propose another time to do activities on Sunday…And I think I am speaking for both of us when I say that we never seen a lot of control like this.From 8 years old until 13 these children were their own manager of the day.They took part of our mind,they helped us and to make this unbelievable feeling of calm and happiness.
I am proud about what we have done,a day off is not an excuse to don’t do nothing,we used our free time to create a new kind of experience,a new kind of different Sunday and a new kind of the volunteering vision.
I will always be gratefull of what these children do for us.

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