Pantomime for kids

On 27th of March it was Theater day and we celebrated it in youth center, by having pantomime activity. 

What is it and why it is useful for children?

Pantomime is a form of theater, acting without words, telling the story through body and facial expressions.

When children come to theater activities, for me the most important thing is not to make them ‘perform’ by learning a lot of learned text and expressions, it is the opposite – to let them learn trough theater, pay more attention to what they are saying and how are they feeling.

Pantomime is a great way for children to learn how to express their emotions and also how to name them. Sometimes kids who have problems with expressing their emotions can be acting agressively (for example, kid is sad that someone else took his toy and he starts to scream,etc)  – pantomime teaches them how to recognise what they are feeling and act accordingly.

Here you can see a couple of photos of how pantomime activities looks like in the youth center:

If you want to learn more about theater, join us every Thursday from 15.30 in Szent Anna youth center!


Nemezlabda készítés

Első foglalkozásunk, ahol bőrből készítettünk ékszereket családias, és kellemes hangulatban telt el. Hamarosan erről is hírt fogunk adni egy blog keretein belül.

Következő foglalkozásunk 2017. február 1-én lesz és a témája: Nemezlabda készítés
A foglalkozás 17.00-tól 19.00-ig tart és a Szent Anna Ifjúsági Központ ad neki otthon.
A részvétel ingyenes, viszont maximum 15 fő tud részt venni rajta.
14 évestől egészen 99 éves korig vagy még tovább várjuk a résztvevők jelentkezését.

Továbbá gondoltunk a kisgyermekes anyukákra is, s hogy Ők is részt tudjanak venni a foglalkozáson (ha szeretnének) ezért készülünk gyereksarokkal (kifestő, játékok, mese vetítés), ahol a két óra alatt a gyerkőcök letudják foglalni magukat vagy egymást 😀

Kérjük mindenképp jelezzék részvételi szándékukat vagy itt vagy az alábbi elérhetőségeken:
Telefon: 0745831440; Email:

További információkat is a fenti elérhetőségeket lehet kérni.

Gyertek és alkossunk együtt!



Few recipes for „Postul Craciunului“: How to prepare tasty soy chunks

Lots of people don´t like dry soy chunks. I think that method of preparation is very important. Me and Živilé baked this soy chunks with mashed potatoes today for dinner.

How to do:
1. Soy chunks pour hot water
2. Wait 10 minutes
3. Squeeze the water
4. Put oil on the hot pan
5. Put soy chunks on the pan
6. Use salt and your favourite spices (we used salt, garlic and sweet peppers)
7.  Roast them until they are brown and crunchy
8. Roasted soy chunks taste good with potatoes, pumpkin, spinach or whatever you like. Be creative 🙂


Hitchhiking through Bulgaria

I already wrote about my travel around Romania, this time I gonna report about our trip to Bulgaria. We that’s Laura, Almos and me. Everything began when Almos mentioned he would like to see Bulgaria. Nobody of us ever been in Bulgaria, therefore we were very delighted about the idea. The following two weeks we checked out places we want to visit and we started our trip. I remember the reactions of the people, when we told them that we will go to Bulgaria by hitchhiking, either it was “you are crazy” or “good luck”.

10th April Craiova
Baile Tusnad, Brasov, Bran, Pitesti, Craiova, Isalnita
Very excited we started at 8 o’clock in Baile Tusnad. Although it was Sunday we hadn’t any problem to catch cars. Especially the ride from Bran to Pitesti was great; with an impressive landscape and a very friendly driver. On this way we also visited a cave and our driver bought us a glass of jam (unfortunately it got broken later and we had no opportunity to taste). We were so deeply impressed by the surrounding on the way, that we decided to have another journey in May to the villages between Bran and Pitesti. We were very unlucky when we arrived in Craiova, because we had heavy rainfall and we ascertained that our hotel was not in Craiova, but in Isalnita, 20 kilometers away (Thanks to Google maps and We didn’t want to hitchhike and look for the hotel in the rain, thus we took a cab. We strongly hoped we wouldn’t have this weather all journey long, and indeed it was the only day. Continue reading

My trip trough Romania, part 3 (Sighetu Marmației, Sighisoara, Bucharest)

21th February, Sunday
This day we went to Sighetu Marmației to visit the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance. We wanted to take the bus in the morning but during waiting we tried to hitchhike and were successful. To our surpise the descriptions in the museum were only in Romanian. Admittedly they gave us a book with short decriptions of the rooms in German, but it had less information than the descriptions in the romms. After this we also visited the holocaust memorial. In the evening we started our crazy plan to go as soon as possible to Baile Tusnad, and visit Sigishoara by the way. The result of this plan was that we took a train at 17:42 which arrives in Teius at 2:36 next morning. From there we contined our way at 4:25 to arrive in Sighisoara at 7:39. The good thing was that we didn’t need accomodation for this night. Continue reading

My trip through Romania, part 2 (Turda, Viseu de Sus)

17th February, Wednesday
This day we had to wake up very early again to take the bus to Turda at 6 o’clock. In Turda they have a salt mine we visited. It was very interested to see this. I already was in the salt mine of Pride before but in Turda it is much more bigger and we learned more about salt mining, whereas in Predal it’s more like a city under the earth with a lot of different leisure activities. But also in Turda you also have some sports activities. We played Billiard and there was also the possibility to play Bowling or minigolf. In the evening we went to Cluj-Napoca. Continue reading

My trip trough Romania, part 1 (Brasov, Sibiu)

During my vacation I had the opportunity to see something more from Romania and to get know the county a little bit better. I apprehended that I couldn’t start at 11th, because two weeks before I got chicken pocks. But I was very lucky that it was a very mild course and after 1 week it was gone.

11th February, Thursday
In the evening of 11th a friend from Germany arrived in Brasov to visit me and travel through Romania. Even the first day started with a small mistake; I though she would arrive at the bus station next to the railway station, but she arrived at the bus station “stadion municipal”. So she had to wait a short time until I arrived there Continue reading

Winter and Christmas in Baile Tusnad

Most people celebrate Christmas at home with their family like I used to do before. But this year was different, I was in Romania on Christmastime and we had a lot of activities connected with Christmas in the youth center.
Our Christmas activities already began in the end of November when we made advent wreaths for ill people in Baile Tusnad. In December we had a lot of activities where we made Christmas decoration to decorate a Christmas tree and embellished the youthcenter. My personal highlight was when I became dressed up as Santa Claus to give presents to the children of Baile Tusnad. Regrettably some of the older children recognized me, and in the next days many children asked if I was Santa Claus. Continue reading

On-Arrival Training

After my first article about my first impressions I would like to share with you my experience from the On-Arrival training. Everybody who is an EVS-volunteer for 3 month ore more have to go to a On-Arrival Training (and for volunteers who stay 6 month or longer there will be also a Mid-term-meeting). My On-Arrival training was from 22. to 27. November in Busteni. Before the seminar started I-knew nothing about the schedule of the week. Continue reading