One thing that we kept hearing since we came here – the most awesome event in Baile Tusnad is Tusványos – music festival, then streets fill with young people, music is so loud that you can’t sleep and party lasts all night long.

We sometimes are joking, that we are the most quiet volunteers in the history of EVS. Really, we don’t drink, we don’t party hard (ok, maybe Anita sometimes does :)) So even though we were waiting for the festival, we imagined it to be pretty quiet. Well, it wasn’t craaazy, but let me tell you, we did party and I have photos as a proof!

First day we went together with our couchsurfer (woohoo, we had first official couchsurfer), she’s Romanian and she was sooo surprised tht no one in the festival spoke Romanian (even at the entrance, where they sell tickets) and she had to use English to communicate (so, if you’re coming to Tusványos next year prepare and learn some Hungarian phrases).

received_323492801435123.jpegOk, so this might be not the best photo, but, strangely enough, we took almost no photos during the festival (probably because we were having great time and chose to rather enjoy it than take photos).

During the days in the festival there were a lot of different activities and workshops. Of course, most of them were in Hungarian as well, but we found some where we could join and me and Lenka spent a couple of days painting…


Good that official photographers caught us on camera, so I can share a couple of decent pictures:



And in the evenings we were dancing and enjoying concerts, so not so many pictures of that… Well anyways, i want to share some random moments/thoughts from this year’s festival (I really hope that’s not the last time I visited it!):

  • If you have the right attitude, everything is fun! Me and Lenka really wanted to go to the first row in some random concert. Random, because, anyways we didn’t knew the bands, nor understood the lyrics… But it was so much fun! We were joking that we must’ve seemed like the biggest fans of the group, we were dancing like crazy, clapping, shouting…It was great a time!
  • Everywhere is good, but in the Mezo is the best! Everyone who lives in Baile Tusnad knows, that Mezo is a great place. So no wonder that even in the festival, where there was a lot of different bars, every evening we still ended up in Mezo!
  • If you’re open for a chat, you can meet interesting people! I left for a second, when I came back I found Lenka talking with some random guy. He asked me where I am from, when I replied, that from Lithuania, he unbuttoned his jacket and showed that he’s wearing a tshirt with Lithuania’s flag  – apparently he has been living there for some time and we had an interesting chat about my country. Or, I met some guys that had a tent in our backyard… so, random conversations are fun!
  • It’s possible to party alone and it’s not as sad as it may sound! So it happened that one day no one was feeling like staying longer and I just wanted to dance… So I had two options – go home with everyone, or stay alone. As I mentioned, I am not super social, so staying alone in a festival sounds a little bit intimidated, but I though I might try. And it was pretty fun, I had a lot of conversations, danced and had a great time!
  • If you want to be in the center of attention, buy sugar cotton! I found out that totally by accident, I bought sugar cotton and suddenly everyone started talking to me, asked to take picture together, it was sooo funny and crazy 😀


So this is my impression about the festival, make sure to visit it next year!


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