Sometimes when you don’t expect much, great things happen.

Peti told us, that there will be an Erasmus+ training in Baile Tusnad and if we are interested, we can take part in it. Of course we all were interested – meeting new people and learning something new is always great.

Maybe 5 years ago I participated in Youth in action training in Czech Republic, I have some good memories regarding the people I met, but training itself was a bit hectic, so I was expecting something similar – a bit unorganised but fun week with lots of new people. Imagine my surprise, when training turned out to be not only fun, but incredibly motivating and useful! So, let me share what we did and what are my feelings after the training.


The training was facilitated by two amazing girls from organisation Art Fusion, and there were participants from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and Germany. So, me and Lisa got the chance to speak in our mother tongues, Lenka and Anita were the only ones representing Slovakia and Hungary, so they had to continue speaking in English…:)

All the days of the training had different topics, we started with meeting each other, having teambuilding in the nature.


We continued to discovering our surroundings (well, me and the girls were already familiar with Baile Tusnad, obviously, so we had some different tasks to help others to see different parts of our beautiful town).


We learned about some practical tools – how to plan activities, how to use earning through experience, etc.


Later on we used this information in creating our own mini-workshops in the topic of nature.


The days of the training went by incredibly fast and it was time to part our ways, but I am sure that each of us has learned something. I want to share with you the things that I am taking away from this project.

Practical things

  • Experiential learning cycle: Experience -> Reflection -> Generalisation -> Application. In my opinion this is one of the most useful methods that could be applied to a lot of situations.
  • Teambuilding is a crucial part of working with groups. In this training there was a lot of time and attention for teambuilding and later on group of people from different parts of Europe, with different attitudes and experiences, who met just a couple of days ago, managed to work together and achieve great results (and, not only work, but build friendships, who, hopefully will also last after training). I am sure these great results were partly due to teambuilding acivities.
  • Facilitator is not a lecturer. Of course, I knew that before, but in this training I felt it very strongly – facilitators weren’t “teaching” us about nature, ecology, etc – they were using different methods to create a platform for us, where we can feel free to share our different experiences and learn from each other. I have educational background and I feel that sometimes I fall into this “trap” of wanting to “teach” too actively, so this was a great reminder that sometimes instead of providing all the information for pupils we should challenge them, create such tasks that will motivate them to discover new things by themselves and that will make them more immersed in the subject, than just being passive listeners.


  • I was incredibly happy to meet all people who were participating in a project and I felt that I have so much to learn from each and every of them. I hope that our paths will cross again someday.
  • Socializing in free time is as importnt as the training itself. I know I am a teeny tiny bit socially awkward, my perfect evening is watching movies with friends, not going out to a pub with strangers… But, the thing is, that sometimes if you do go out with people that you don’t know that well and genuinely try to get to know them, they might become friends…so, worth the risk! 🙂


The Training for Nature project is organized by A.R.T. Fusion Associatio Romania and made possible by involvement of the partners as well:
IDA Croatia, Asociacion Prorise partners as Spain, Förderverein Offene Bildung Umwelt Kultur e.V. Germany, Nous Italy, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu Portugal, Asociacija Apkabink Europa Lithuania.

The Training for Nature project is organized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Photos used in the blog post were taken by Anita Demeter & girls from Art Fusion.



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