LENKA: When we stop using hair brush.

LENKA: When we use just cold water to shower.

LENKA: When I use the towel in 100 ways.

LENKA: When I used my T-shirt instead of the hat.

LENKA: When we stop using the bra (with or without T-shirt).

2017-07-04 06.48.30 1.jpg

ŽIVILĖ: When the only thing that stops me from joining all the naked hippie people sunbathing in the beach is the thought, that my sunburn can get worse.

LENKA: When we wear as many colors as possible.

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ŽIVILĖ: When I wake up and Lenka has glitter all over her face and she’s like ‘I danced at the psychotrance stage! And I liked it!”

ŽIVILĖ: When we fall asleep in the hammock right next to the dj, who’s blasting chill music. Sleep is chill, right?

LENKA: When the sun rises at 5.25, I don’t hear my alarm clock and wake up at 5.32 and I take a picture of aaaalmost sunrise. And when I do wake up on the time, it’s fog everywhere!

2017-07-04 06.48.26 1.jpg

BOTH: When both are so little money that we have shared budget. (Don´t take it. 2 lei is too expensive!)

LENKA: When we accept everyone.

LENKA: When we eat our watermelon next the toilet shop.

2017-07-04 07.15.55 1.jpg

LENKA: When we cook pasta in the middle of the park in Bucharest.

BOTH: When we find our hippie dog, she follows us around for a bit and we’re seriously considering calling her Dakini (at least for a surname) and adopting her.

ŽIVILĖ: When we meet other hitchhikers, going the same direction and we exchange friendly waves and drivers that are passing us are showing thumbs up. 

BOTH: When hitchhiking got boring, we started playing ukulele and some nice people stopped, apparently they had a guitar, so music connected us!

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ŽIVILĖ: When we drag 5l of water for 3 km because it’s a couple of lei cheaper.

LENKA: When we go to buy the lemonade, spend half an hour choosing the best and cheapest and on the end we don`t buy any, because it is too luxurious.

ŽIVILĖ: When we look so poor that lovely people who stops to give us a lift offers us food and to buy us tickets home.

BOTH: When we try to organise EVS volunteers party at the festival and make nice colorful poster, but end up just having a normal conversation.

2017-07-04 06.48.22 1.jpg

ŽIVILĖ: When I am so chill, that I fall asleep in the middle of yoga lesson and keep sleeping there. Basically, when I can fall asleep anytime and anywhere.

ŽIVILĖ: When clean socks are the most valued thing of all. When oat flakes, jam and water is officially classified as breakfast.

ŽIVILĖ: When the questions is not “do I smell?” but “how bad do I smell?”

LENKA: When we are running barefoot on the beach.

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ŽIVILĖ: When I am collecting beautiful stones and plan to make jewelry from them. 

LENKA: When we live in the moment.

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