‘Let’s go hiking tomorrow’, said Lenka.

‘At 5am’, she added, and my motivation suddenly went 10 feet down. Still, not low enough, because when Lenka woke me up in the morning, I managed to roll out of bed, throw random stuff into my backpack and pretend I am ready.

This is where the troubles started.

We had 10 minutes to run from home to train station, and in the end Lisa didn’t made it to the train and me and Lenka had to leave without her 😦 so it was very sad!

The second part of the troubles, from where we arrived with a train we had to hitchhike a couple of kilometers to the place where we could start our hiking. We stopped a car quite fast, it took maybe 5 mins to get to the place where we needed to go. Driver wasn’t talking to us, but it didn’t seem strange, when we arrived we said thank you and stepped out of the car. Driver immediatly started shouting and showing money sign. We said our lovely phrase “we are volunteers, we have no money”, the driver was shouting at us even more and calling us idiots, so it really wasn’t nice. Of course we gave him a little bit of money and left, but it really wasn’t nice that he didn’t say anything in the begining about the money (after all, we hitchhike so it would be cheaper and also we could meet nice people, and to pay for a couple of km and get shouted at…then it’s better to take the train!)

So after this not very lucky experience (which, fortunately, doesn’t happen often) we finally arrived. Now I will speak less and show more, because view was really amazing!




It was so nice to just walk in the mountains and fields, without meeting other people for hours, only cows, horses, even one goat… So it was so peaceful! Also I am vey proud of myself (and Lenka, but for Lenka it probably wasn’t hard, because she aways hikes and runs, so she is way more sporty than I am :D) because we walked more than 20km, did yoga on top of teh mountains and in the end still had enough energy to hitchike, go shopping for food…





ATTENTION – If you want to do yoga as well, come to the youth center, every Thursday at 6 pm Lenka has yoga activity!

So, in the end we arrived to Lacul Rosu (which, in my opinion, wasn’t as impressive as mountains, but I was still excited)!


So, this was our one day trip, the weather and the view was lovely and I feel like I have more muscles! 😀 I am sure I will miss Romania’s mountains when I wil go home!


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