Just beautiful Budapest

After Lisa´s and Živilé´s post, I decided to write something about my weekend. I have to say in advance that it won´t be so funny and adventure 🙂 . I had really nice weekend full of relaxing. I enjoyed Budaest like a turist. I have been in Budapest many times, but usually I had other plans (go to the airport, agility competition, halfmarathon etc.). Now it was different. I visited my friend Ármin, so I had almost local guide and great company for whole weekend.

I started my journey in Thursday afternoon. The best transport in Romania is hitchhiking, so I decided to go to Ciuc this way. It was sunny day. I came home after activity with kids, ate my lunch, took my backpack and went to our usual place. But it started raining (really strong). I had to hide for a while in the center. After the rain I was lucky and I catched a car quickly. The driver spoke only romanian, so I don´t have any interesting stories from the car. I was in Ciuc in advance, so I went to the green market and the shop and I bought my dinner (keshu nuts & cherries). The journey was better than I expected after Peti´s description. I was reading a book, chating with friends and sleeping.

Of course! When your arrival should be at 5am (what was soon as well), but you arrive one and half hour earlier…Budapest was still sleeping. I wanted to use the time and walk to the center, but it was around one hour by walk. I waited for Ármin there (sorry for my early arrival and thank you that you came :)). We went to his place on Népszínház utca – the best street in Budapest 😀 We were getting hungry so we decided to go to the shop, but someone had a problem with time zone and it wasn´t me. I mentioned already Budapest was still sleeping and everything was closed. Second time we were successful and we found something for breakfast. I managed to contact Živilé and Lisa and met them. We were a little bit lost in the city, bus finally we found free tour. It was my 1st experience with city tour and I liked it! Our guide was very nice and she was talking really interesting. I won´t repeat what she said (you can find it in posts of Živilé and Lisa). After the tour we went for the lunch to vegan restaurant Edeni. I did the same mistake again. I wanted to try everything :D. Simply I´m woman and I cannot to choose easily. Tofu omelette was the best! 🙂 After we went back tu Pest part of Budapest, found vegan ice cream and met Ármin. We walked together to Keleti station and girls went to hitchhiking place by bus. And we took the metro and went to famous Vega city. It was the last chance to try something because during the weekend and on Monday (national holiday) it was closed. I had my problem to choose again, but finally I took tofu balls with sour cream and grape sugar. It was fine, but not the best. So I have to come again :D. We ate our dinner in the park opposite the Vega city. It was nice place, so we stayed there longer. We just lied on the grass and almost slept (No dogs came to lick or pee on us 😀 ). After few hours I was sure that girls are already in Bratislava, Živilé called me that they are still in Budapešť. It was almost nine! 😀 To be honest we doubted for a while if they are on the right place. Ármin found the bus and I bought the tickets for them. We spent the evening together (No girls you didn´t disturb us.). I think that night picnic and discovering new places in Budapest (some of them more times) was nice. Finally we found the yellow bus (my favourite 🙂 ) and  took the last metro.


On Saturday we went to the big market and Gellért hill (yes I love hills and mountains). Again we found nice park for relaxing and sleeping and swings 🙂 . In the afternoon we cooked our lunch together. Original plan was to bake burgers in the oven, but…we made it with the pan. Oven is a secret place of the flat on Népszínház utca 😀 . We ate our lunch on the balcony (I really like this place.) and after we went for tour of the Budapest parks. We started with park near Heroes’ Square (and we had vegan ice cream again ❤ ) and continued with Margaret Island. I was there two years ago, but now the atmosphere was different – less people, peace and almost night. We walked trough whole island and back and had the dinner in the park again. Later we continued with walking in the night Budapest. I have to admit that cities are more magical in the night – especially Budapest. On the way to Ármin´s flat we went unplanned to Irish pub for one beer. It was big surprise that waitress didn´t speak hungarian (of course, I didn´t miss it). There was a live music and we drunk some special red beer. It was nic evening or almost night.


On Sunday we decided to go a little bit out of the city, a little bit to the nature. Our destination was Szentendre. I was surprised because of the amout of turists. It seemed like somewhere on the seaside. And there was the ultra marathon! 🙂 We were a little bit confused on the beginning, but we managed to find the road to the forest. I cannot call it hiking, but it was nice walking in the nature and in the creek (or little Danube? 😀 ). After the walk we went back to Budapest and visited Terror háza (terror house) – museum about nazism and communism in Hungary. The best part was the prison and the cells. It was really scary and we can be glad that it´s not the present. We came back to Ármin´s home exactly on the time. After few minutes the storm began. In the evening we tried to watch the hungarian movie, but I was so tired and I couldn´t concentrate.

We spent the last day with Ármin´s friend near the Danube in the park Kopadzi gát. I found mulberry there! ❤ I love this fruit. In the afternoon Lisa and Živilé successfuly came from Bratislava by hitchhiking and joined to us. They were more lucky than first day. At the end of the day we met Muška´s puppy Sini and her owner Brigitta (Thank you that you find the time for meeting us.). And finally we found our bus Open world (it sounds a little bit like the name of some sect) and went home to Tusnad. We agreed that we miss Tusnad even the trip was great.

Finally I have to say thank you girls for this idea to go to Budapest and especially thank you Ármin for hosting, company and everything…It was really nice to discover Budapest with you.


I´m looking forward to the next trip 🙂


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