Pantomime for kids

On 27th of March it was Theater day and we celebrated it in youth center, by having pantomime activity. 

What is it and why it is useful for children?

Pantomime is a form of theater, acting without words, telling the story through body and facial expressions.

When children come to theater activities, for me the most important thing is not to make them ‘perform’ by learning a lot of learned text and expressions, it is the opposite – to let them learn trough theater, pay more attention to what they are saying and how are they feeling.

Pantomime is a great way for children to learn how to express their emotions and also how to name them. Sometimes kids who have problems with expressing their emotions can be acting agressively (for example, kid is sad that someone else took his toy and he starts to scream,etc)  – pantomime teaches them how to recognise what they are feeling and act accordingly.

Here you can see a couple of photos of how pantomime activities looks like in the youth center:

If you want to learn more about theater, join us every Thursday from 15.30 in Szent Anna youth center!


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