Weird German words translated into English :)

Lately while talking, I used a lot of  words, which actually don’t exist in English. Without  being aware of it, I used German words and translated them into English. This made some of the other girls look at me in confusion, obviously, and me at first not realizing why they don’t understand me. 🙂

After I finally did realize that I tend to do this in the last weeks, I started to think about how weird the German language actually is. There are a lot of words simply being put together. Of course these kinds of words also exist in all other languages, but they sound at least somehow reasonable then. There are also some words, which describe very abstract feelings and don’t exist in other languages. Such words just sound absolutely ridiculous, if being translated into English. And by ridiculous I mean RIDICULOUS! Let me share with you some of these words, when they are translated. 🙂

  1. A glove in German is literally a ”handshoe” (Handschuh).


2. A light bulb is a ”glowing pear” (Glühbirne). 🙂


3. A vacuum cleaner is commonly called a…”dustsucker” (Staubsauger) 😉dustsucker-e1417518410546

4. Sometimes we refer to bicycles as ”wire donkeys” (Drahtesel).


5. A plane is a”fly-thing” (Flugzeug)…somebody obviously ran out of ideas…:)

Clueless Jumbo Jet Plane Looking At Floating Question Mark Sign Emoji

7.  When a song or melody is constantly stuck in your head, you have an ”earworm” (Ohrwurm). 🙂


8. Let’s face it: From time to time all of us enjoy it a little bit when other people have embarassing moments or are slightly harmed (not in a serious way, of course). In German, we have a word for this called ”Schadenfreude”, which literally means ”harm-joy”.



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