Discover Lithuania

If you want to discover at least a little bit of Lithuania, you don’t have to book flight tickets just yet – I collected some websites that will let you get to know more about Lithuania without even leaving your home!

*2018 February 16th will be an important date to Lithuania – it marks 100 years since the restoration of the State of Lithuania. To celebrate this anniversary a website Lietuvai100 was created, in it you can find a lot of interesting facts about Lithuania, learn about country’s history and traditions.

* To keep up to date with current events you can watch Lithuania’s news in English.

* You can choose from various radio stations to suit your choice.

* Everything you need to know about ethnic art.

* Visit virtual exhibitions in National Museum of Lithuania. Though it only has Lithuanian version, you still can explore a lot of different artists’ creations.

* There’s a bit of everything for different tastes – folk music, and here you can choose your favourite genre (website requires registration, but it’s worth it!)

* Here you can find Lithuanian documentary.

* If you want to try out Lithuanian cuisine, this blog could be a great place to start!

And if this is still not enough, visit this place and discover more websites about Lithuania! Have fun!


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