Some funny Slovakian sayings

I was inspired by Živilé and Lisa and I found some Slovakian sayings as well. Enjoy it!

When someone is in the bad mood. We say that „bees flew him“.


The man who is obedient in a relationship is „under the slipper“.


When someone do something useless so „he throws a peas on the wall“.


When you buy something untested or not verified, so „you buy cat in the sack“.

You run away. So in Slovakia „you take legs on the shoulders“ or if you are thinking about run away so you have “rabbit intentions“.

When you take something on debt. You take it „on the ax“.

You are drunk and next day you don´t remember anything. We say that „You have a monkey“ or „You have a window“.

You can do something easily. So you can do it „with left back leg“.




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