Christmas time in Romania

Christmas time is always the most magical part of the year. But last Christmas was different for me. I didn´t spend this time with my family, but I wasn´t alone. I was in Transylvania with my EVS family. I began to feel Christmas atmosphere when we visited Christmas market in Sibiu. It was end of December and we had on-arival training there. I drank my first hot wine this year and ate lots of vegan cakes (I was so surprised, because usualy I have a problem to find something vegan on Christmas market). It was fun, but without snow. When I came back to Tușnad, everything was white and our small town was decorated with lights. We had lots of activities connected with Christmas in our new beautiful center (gingerbread baking, making decorations, Christmas movie club,…). Christmas spirit was everywhere. In the center, on the street, at home…We visited Christmas markets in Sfântu Gheorghe, Miercurea Ciuc and Brașov as well. I think that it was the most markets in my life. I have to mention our Advent Calendar in the center. It was so nice 🙂 And our friend Bob! He has always something for eat when I am hungry.

I decided to send lots of postcards to my friends, so I hope that it made them smile. We spent 24th December with our friends. At the morning me and Lisa visited Maria and Levi and in the afternoon we had Christmas eve with Peti, Babó and sweet little Boti in their flat. We were eating and eating and eating a lot. There was lots of delicious meals (also in vegan version – Thank you!). I baked some cookies, Živilé made Kūčiukai with poppy seeds milk and Lisa made amazing vegan Salata de boeuf. We do Lithuanian habit with Kūčiukai and it said that I will not have a luck in love next year. Never mind! I have other plans 🙂 We ate vinette, soup and sarmale.

After this Christmas dinner we spent nice time with Levi, Kati and Bogi. We weren´t able to eat anything so we were drinking a wine together and playing with Bogi and Betyár. We went to the church as well. We wanted to see Bethlehem play. It was nice but I didn´t understand anything.

At the end of this day we changed gifts next to our Christmas tree. Next days I spent mostly with hiking. I visited Tâmpa Hill in Brașov (3 times for sure!). I had birthday in December 30. The best gift for me was visit of my friends Lucka and Pavol with their dog Roxxy and my little beloved dog Muška. They came exactly on my birthday, few minutes after midnight. 29th December was the longest day in Romanie because I was expecting my visitors all the time. Thank you all for this amazing experience! I´m sure that it was unique Christmas.


I made a video about this Chritmas. I hope that you will like it 🙂


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