German and Transylvanian Saxon sayings

Zivile has already amused you with funny and weird Lithuanian sayings, which they use in their daily lives. She got me inspired with this and now a lot of weird German sayings came into my mind, which we also use without even realising how funny and senseless they sound in other languages. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

If you don’t understand anything at all in any situation of life you can think of, Germans ususally say: ‘I only understand train station.’ (Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.)

When something seems hopeless or when you see that activites of yours don’t work out very well and you have to quit them, you say: ‘ I can remove my make-up now!’ (Das kann ich mir jetzt abschminken!)

Sometimes we all feel like we haven’t achieved anything useful with something, although we worked very hard for it. In Germany, we usually say in situations like these:     ‘Everything for the cat!’ (Alles für die Katz’!)

When somebody really annoys you and you can’t stand this persons company anymore, you can say: ‘You really get on my cookie!’ (Du gehst mir echt auf den Keks!)

If you receive a task from someone and you do it completely wrong or your answer is very far away from being right, we say: ‘ You are on the woodway.’ (Du bist auf dem Holzweg.)

Last but not least I have a quite funny and cute Transylvanian Saxon children ‘story’, which my grandparents and parents used to tell me. Usually this story is told with the five fingers of ones hand and to make it funnier, I am going to write it down in the Saxon dialect: ‘Dat gaht an Basch, dat fad an Fasch, dat brut en, dat deid ed of dan Dasch, ond dat papt en gär gär gär.’

= This one (the thumb) goes to the forest, that one (the index finger) catches fishes, this one (the middle finger) fries them, that one (the ring finger) puts them on the table, and this one (the little finger) eats everything everything up. 🙂






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