Funny (and weird) Lithuanian sayings

It is said, that Lithuanian is one of the most difficult languages to learn and use. It might be because of difficult grammar or unusual pronunciation, but a big part of misunderstandings and complications in communication can be caused by Lithuanian sayings and expressions – they are so usual for native speakers, but so weird for foreigner’s ears.


Today I want to present you some of the most common Lithuanian sayings and explain their meaning, so that the next time you’ll meet Lithuanian you won’t think that everything should be taken word by word!

‘Traukinys šikančių nelaukia.’ This saying, although, not a very pretty one, is one of the most commonly used. Translated litteraly it means ‘The train won’t wait for those who are shitting.’ Told you, not very nice! But the actual meaning has nothing to do with the toilet, the saying actually means that you have to hurry if you want to be on time. For example if me and my friends are preparing for a night out and one girl is taking too long with her hair and makeup, someone would say ‘The train won’t wait for those who are shitting’, meaning ‘Hurry up or we’ll leave without you.’


Tired of listening to someone’s excuses? We have a saying for that! ‘Stop hanging pasta on my ears!’ It means ‘Stop lying to me!’ So the next time your friend is saying that he’s late because he got stuck in an elevator, you’ll know how to answer!


Winter in Baile Tusnad can be quite challenging, especially, if you have slippery shoes. But don’t worry, if you slip on ice and fall down, Lithuanians won’t laugh at you, they’ll just say ‘Oh, you caught a rabbit?’



Looking for your glasses, when they’re sitting on your nose? ‘Oh, you,donkey’s head!’ we would say. No, that’s not an insult, we’re just teasing you for being absent-minded!


I hope you enjoyed these Lithuanian sayings, if you’d like to hear some more, please, let me know (because, believe me, we have plenty!)

And be careful when you’re outside, don’t catch a rabbit!






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