2017 reading challenge

When New Year is comming, it’s very common to set some goals or even challenge yourself. ‘From january 1st I’m starting a new diet!’, ‘Next year I won’t miss any lectures in university!’, ‘In 2017 I’ll go to gym every week!’ Sounds familiar? 🙂 Well, some of those promises get broken in the first month, but some of them become a part of daily life.

One of the challenges that I wanted to do this year is a reading challenge! I saw a lot of different variations floating around internet, so I decided to pick things that I liked the most and add some of my own, this way creating a personalised reading challenge for myself. Maybe you’ll join me? 🙂

The idea is very simple: first you have to choose reading “level”:

* EASY (1 book every 4 weeks). Choose 13 books from the list.

* MEDIUM (1 book every two weeks). Chose 26 books.

* HARD (1 book a week). This is a full list with 52 books.

Reading list.png

I hope this list will give you some ideas for your 2017 reading list! And I will try to share reviews of books I’ve read in this blog.

Have a happy New Year and have fun reading!



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