Few recipes for „Postul Craciunului“: Vegan sausages

I prepare one salty recipe after yesterday’s cake. Do you like sausages? I don´t except one – homemade vegan sausages. They are without meat, without eggs and without milk, but they taste amazing.


100 g dried tomatoes (or dried tomatoes in oil)
100 g peeled sunflower seeds
50 g peeled pumpkin seeds
2 cloves of garlic
1  tea spoon salt
½ tea spoon sweet peppers (spice)

How to do:

1. Crush suflower and pumpkin seeds on small pieces.
2. Add dried tomatoes (if they are without oil, you have to soak them at least one hour).
3. Add sweet pepper, garlic and salt (the amount depends on your taste).
4. Mix it.
5. Create sausages and put to the food foil.
6. Put it to the freezer at least one hour.
7. Enjoy your meal!

Original recipe on http://fajnejidlo.eu/recepty/recept.php?id=186&id_category=10 .



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