First month in Baile Tusnad!

Hello, everyone! My name is Živilė, I am from Vilnius, Lithuania and I’ll be living and volunteering in Baile Tusnad for 11 months (10 from now, because first one flew so fast!) Today I want to share with you my first impressions about Romania, Baile Tusnad and the project in which I’m volunteering.

First of all, let me tell you how I decided to come here. I knew about volunteering abroad opportunities since I finished highschool, but I was always finding “excuses” – I’m studying, working, etc… But this year I finished my Bachelor’s degree and decided that it’s now or never – I really want to go to a different country for an year and through volunteering help others and also learn from them. When looking for a project for me I didn’t have a preference for country – I think in every country there are a lot of things to learn and all cultures are interesting for me. The thing I was looking for was a project that would spark my interest and I found it here, in Romania, Baile Tusnad.

I haven’t visited Romania before, so I didn’t knew what to expect. First month for me was about meeting other volunteers, exploring the city and getting used to my new home!


Baile Tusnad impressed me with its beautiful nature, every morning stepping out through the door and looking to the mountains has become a nice routine.

First month was not only about exploring Baile Tusnad, but also about meeting other volunteers and learning new things about EVS in general – on arrival training took a place in Sibiu, where we had a chance to meet with 65 volunteers from 15 different countries!


When we came back, first activities started with meeting each other, learning names (that was the most difficult part), talking about how we all want activities to go and what are the main values to keep in mind (care about each other and the place we are in), and since then there was a bit of everything – baking cookies, making Christmas decorations, watching Christmas movie…


Festivity time brings some nice joys both to youth center and to our home – we start everyday with opening an Advent Calendar (thank you Peter and Babo!) in youth center, first thing we see when coming home is green wrath on door and in the kitchen we’re greeted by Bob, The Christmas Fridge… Christmas playlist is always on, and Harry Potter movies in the evenings. So yeah, Christmas is definitely all around!

I’m looking forward to Christmas, seeing Romanian traditions of celebration and, of course, I’m looking forward to New Year and new activities, experiences and challenges (in a good way)!

Till the next time,



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