First month in Romania

A few months ago I decided to be a part of project Non-formal life in Baile Tusnad. I think that it was “the destiny”. My friend sent me these project. Firstly I was a little bit scared because 11 months without my family, my friends and my dogs is a lot. But I think that it was good decision. It´s my chance to change something in my life and to improve my (not only language) skills. I fell in love with this little town. Everything is close, mountains and hills are around us. I met a new people in the community and in our On-Arrival Training as well.

We started to discover Romania. We visited Christmas market in Sibiu, Bran castle and Brasov. I prefer to go to the nature, so we were also on Falcon stone, St.Anna lake and Apor tower. The last one is really short walk, so I use it for the morning running. We didn´t meet a bear yet, but footprints are everywhere. When I go to run alone I use to sing some songs, so don´t be surprised if they meet me. I don´t know to sing, so it´s good for scare away the bears.

We already started work with children. I have 5 nephews and nieces and I did some performance in kindergartens and schools with my dogs. This experience is different, but children are cute. They like activities with us. We started with activities in school. The topic was „Together for peace“. We are playing, drawing and singing together. After On-Arrival training our center was done. So we started with handicrafts activities. Some names are challenging for me (to remember and to pronounce it). Maybe Hungarian lessons will be helpful. Kids are really nice. They like to hug us. Christmas atmosphere is everywhere. It´s snow outside. I love it. I love the sound of snow underfoot, the smell of needles in the forest. I´m a winter child.

A few words about On-Arrival Training. It was amazing. I met lots of new people from different countries. It was really interesting to follow different cultures. We had a fun together. This training had one fault. I was sick and I didn´t have a voice. Training sessions were inspiriting. I was thinking about it long time afterwards. I´m looking forward to visit other volunteers!


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