My trip trough Romania, part 3 (Sighetu Marmației, Sighisoara, Bucharest)

21th February, Sunday
This day we went to Sighetu Marmației to visit the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance. We wanted to take the bus in the morning but during waiting we tried to hitchhike and were successful. To our surpise the descriptions in the museum were only in Romanian. Admittedly they gave us a book with short decriptions of the rooms in German, but it had less information than the descriptions in the romms. After this we also visited the holocaust memorial. In the evening we started our crazy plan to go as soon as possible to Baile Tusnad, and visit Sigishoara by the way. The result of this plan was that we took a train at 17:42 which arrives in Teius at 2:36 next morning. From there we contined our way at 4:25 to arrive in Sighisoara at 7:39. The good thing was that we didn’t need accomodation for this night.

22th February, Monady

After a long time in trains we arrived in Sighisoara. It’s a very nice old city and the architecture and churches are very nice to see. When I compare all cities we visited in Romania Sighisoara is the most beautiful for me, but maybe the weather on this day enhaced the city. It was very warm, approximatly 20 C°, almost summer in February. But we stayed only a few hours there because we wanted to go to Baile Tusnad. Usuaslly the plan was to continue the way to Berca in the night, but then we decided to stay in Tusnad for the night to go to Bucharest next day.

23th February, Tuesday

After a long sleep we went to Bucharest. When we arrived we checked in in the hostel we explored the city.

24th February, Wednesday

We had to start our day early again to arrive in Berca at midday, to have enough time to go to the mud Volcanoes. When we arrived in Buzau we still had time until the train to Berca would come. So we decided to go to the city, but we estimated the time we need to go back to the railway station a bit wrong,this resulted in that we missed our train to Berca. The next train was going 3 hours later and there was also no bus before. Therefore we had time to discover Buzau a bit better. When we arrived in Berca we had not enough time to go to the volcanoes, but we hiked in the nice surrounding of Berca.

25th February, Thursday
Our last day of our joint vacation. We visited some nice places in Bucharest, but there are so many that is is impossible to see everything. We were walked through the Herastrau park, in the palace of the parliament and discovered the city.

26th February, Friday
We woke up at half past three, because the bus of my friend departed at 5 o’clock. When I came back to the Hostel I decided to go sleeping again. I stayed the day in Bucharest and visited the National Museum of Romanian History and the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History. In the evening I went back to Baile Tusnad, the end of my trip trough Romania. Now I work again in the youtcenter charged with new energy.


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