My trip trough Romania, part 1 (Brasov, Sibiu)

During my vacation I had the opportunity to see something more from Romania and to get know the county a little bit better. I apprehended that I couldn’t start at 11th, because two weeks before I got chicken pocks. But I was very lucky that it was a very mild course and after 1 week it was gone.

11th February, Thursday
In the evening of 11th a friend from Germany arrived in Brasov to visit me and travel through Romania. Even the first day started with a small mistake; I though she would arrive at the bus station next to the railway station, but she arrived at the bus station “stadion municipal”. So she had to wait a short time until I arrived there

12th February, Friday
Our second day started with a guide tour trough Brasov. The first thing the guide said when she saw me was that she remembers in me because I would already been in her tour in October. I was very surprised about it; she had to have a lot of groups during this time and even I wasn’t sure if she is the same person.
Later we explored Brasov by our own and we went to the “Cetatuia de pe Straja”. But we were very unlucky; two dogs attacked us near by. They were very calm and when we made one step in their direction they run to us in a very aggressive way. We run a hill down, but I stumbled and lost my eye glasses. I know usually you shouldn’t run in this situation but we’ve seen no other possibility. Fortunately they didn’t follow us, but I didn’t find my glasses back. There were a lot of shrubs which made it very hard to search. Also we were scared because the dogs stood still on the top of the hill and probably the glasses got broken by the plunge.
Therefore we had to take the next train to Baile Tusnad to fetch my other glasses and to continue or trip the next day.

13th February, Saturday
We had to wake up very early to get the train back to Brasov at 7:55. From Brasov we continued our way to Bran castle. The castle itself disappointed us a little bit, it is quite small without huge history, for me it’s really unintelligible why this castle is so famous, probably just because they promote it as the “Dracula castle”. perhaps if we would had prepared better we would decide to go to the castle in Rasnov which we’ve seen from the bus, but afterwards you know it better every time. Instead by the castle we were impressed by the landscape around when we walked along the streets through the surrounding villages.

14th February, Sunday
Now it was time to leave Brasov so see something else and we decided to go to Sibiu. For this day is not really much to tell, after 4 hours by train we arrived in Sibiu. We visited some churches and looked around the city. In the hostel we met a very nice German of Romania and we talked a lot in the next days. He is a historian who is currently writing his PhD, and because my friend and me are very interested in history and even used to work as archivists in Germany we had some very nice conversation with him about Romanian history, culture and politics. He even knew the German EVS-voulunteer from Tusnad from the previous group because he met her last year in the same hostel.

15th February, Monday

Like our new acquaintance suggested the day before we went to Păltiniş after the breakfast. Unfortunately the buses came not very often so that we would had to wait more than 3 hours to stay there 2 and a half hours because then the last bus back would go. Therefore we decided to take a bus to the outskirts and to hitchhike to Păltiniş. In this way it was much faster and we had more time to stay there. It is a very nice place with a beautiful landscape we walked trough. But it was very warm there, usually they have snow in this time of the year, there is also a slope for ski and snowboard, and they used artificial snow to operate it to don’t loose all the winter sports tourists. So it’s not only in Baile Tusnad that we don’t have a winter this year. In the evening we ate the first time while our stay in a traditional Romanian restaurant.

16th February, Tuesday
On our last day in Sibiu we visited the open air museum “ASTRA”. It’s a huge museum, even the biggest open air museum in Europe, with a lot of old traditional buildings. Unfortunately in wintertime most of the buildings are locked, so we couldn’t go inside were we could see traditional equipment. I’m sure in summertime when the houses are open it’s even much more interested, but we still enjoyed.


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