My trip through Romania, part 2 (Turda, Viseu de Sus)

17th February, Wednesday
This day we had to wake up very early again to take the bus to Turda at 6 o’clock. In Turda they have a salt mine we visited. It was very interested to see this. I already was in the salt mine of Pride before but in Turda it is much more bigger and we learned more about salt mining, whereas in Predal it’s more like a city under the earth with a lot of different leisure activities. But also in Turda you also have some sports activities. We played Billiard and there was also the possibility to play Bowling or minigolf. In the evening we went to Cluj-Napoca.

18th February, Thursday
We were not sure if we want to stay one day in Cluj-Napoca to visit a museum but we decided to continue our way to Moisei. It was a little bit difficult to find our guesthouse, but thanks to the helpfulness of Romanian people we found it in the end. We asked someone on the road if he knows how to come to this guesthouse, and he said it’s a little bit outside and not so easy to find, so he called a friend who gave us a lift to there. The householder was a very nice and helpful person, she also offered us to go to Viseu de Sus by car in the next morning, because her husband works there and he could give us a lift. In retrospect it would have been a good idea to look for a sleeping accommodation in Viseu de Sus; I even don’t know why we chose Moisei, but it was very closed.

19th February, Friday
In the morning the husband of the householder gave us a lift to Viseu de Sus. There we walked a part of the route of the Mocăniță locomotive. The locomotive itself unfortnately dosen’t work in wintertime, but we already knew it because we checked it on internet. After 30 minutes a man in a horse carriage came and asked if he can give us a lift to anywere. During the drive he offered us palinka and he was very courious what two germans are doing in this rual region of Romania. After 15 kilometres he arrived his destination. We contiuned the way but decided soon to go back because we were not sure how long time we would need for the way. Back in Viseu de Sus one man (it seemed like we should know him but we didn’t) greeted us and said the locomotive would work tomorow because a group of representatives of a partner city would visit Viseu de Sus and they decided to go with this train. Because they just needed one wagon for this few people, they decided to use the other wagons for tourists.
We were very lucky that we arrived exactly at this moment at the railway station to meet this man, who we still don’t know who it was, but he talked so much that we had not the right occasion to ask.

20th February, Saturday
In the morning we hitchhiked to Viseu de Sus to go with the locomotive. It was very nice, even when we have already seen the landscape of the half way on the day before. Back in Viseu de Sus we visited a museum (even with German descriptions) about the history of the Jews in Viseu de Sus. We went back to Moisei early and had the possibility to hike there to the monastery “Mănăstirea Izvorul Negru”.


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