Winter and Christmas in Baile Tusnad

Most people celebrate Christmas at home with their family like I used to do before. But this year was different, I was in Romania on Christmastime and we had a lot of activities connected with Christmas in the youth center.
Our Christmas activities already began in the end of November when we made advent wreaths for ill people in Baile Tusnad. In December we had a lot of activities where we made Christmas decoration to decorate a Christmas tree and embellished the youthcenter. My personal highlight was when I became dressed up as Santa Claus to give presents to the children of Baile Tusnad. Regrettably some of the older children recognized me, and in the next days many children asked if I was Santa Claus.
Another very nice event was, when the children in the childcarehouse got their presents. It was a big day for them; they prepared a theatrical performance and they were very happy about their presents.
On Christmas Eve we were invited to our project coordinators for lunch. In the evening and the next days we as EVS volunteers celebrated together; we gave presents to each other and one day we hiked to the Saint Anna Lake. To our surprise the way to the lake was icy and snowy therefore we needed more time than usually; but the view when we arrived was indescribable. On New Year’s Eve we went to our coordinators again, to celebrate with them and some of their friends new year. We had a delicious dinner, played board games and had a nice time together.

A huge change was the very hard winter. Some days we had less than -15 C° on day, but unfortunately not very snowy. Usually I have no problems with coldness, but this was really new for me. That we had not so much snow turned out to a bigger problem because on 9th and 10th January there was organized a dog sledge competition, and they had to cancel it because the weather conditions.

Because the children had vacation, we organized no activities. But we used the time of school vacation to refurbish the school with new paint and “pencils” on the wall. Likewise I was thinking about how to continue with the English club, improved my Hungarian skills and had a lot of fun with the other volunteers. One day Laura and me visited the salt mine in Pride. Nevertheless I felt a little bit bored without the activities in the youth center, so I’m looking forward to our next activities.



Creating advent wreaths



Santa in his sledge


Children surround Santa Claus



Theatrical performance in the childcarehouse


Theatrical performance in the childcarehouse


Presents for children in the childcarehouse


Painting “pencils” in the school


Painting Wall in the school


Working in the school


Baking gingerbread


Decorating a Christmas tree



Christmas celebration


Snowy forest on the way to the Saint Anna LAke


Landscape on way to the Saint Anna Lake


On the frozen Saint Anna Lake


Frozen Saint Anna Lake


Playing “Dixit” on New Years Ev


Pride Salt Mine


Pride Salt Mine




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