On-Arrival Training

After my first article about my first impressions I would like to share with you my experience from the On-Arrival training. Everybody who is an EVS-volunteer for 3 month ore more have to go to a On-Arrival Training (and for volunteers who stay 6 month or longer there will be also a Mid-term-meeting). My On-Arrival training was from 22. to 27. November in Busteni. Before the seminar started I-knew nothing about the schedule of the week.
I arrived at Sunday evening and used the first day to talk with the other volunteers. There were over 40 volunteers from 11 countries who make their EVS in Romania. For the seminar we became separated in three groups because it would be impossible to work with so many people in a constructive way. At first we played some acquaintance games to get know each other better. After this we worked to the topic “rights and responsibilities”. For this we created 4 groups (sending organization, volunteer, hosting organization and national agency) and explained their rights and responsibilities with role playing. Most of the information I already knew because my sending organization and my hosting organization explained, but for some other volunteers it was completely new. I don’t want to bore you with the whole schedule of the week, so I will summarize. We learned general things about Erasmus + and about Romanian culture, history and geographies. Furthermore we learned how to set goals and how to reach them. The Highlight for me was the intercultural evening. All volunteers from one country worked in one group to present something of their culture. I had the opportunity to gain an insight into the culture of many countries. Also I liked that we were hiking in the snow to a waterfall. Another interesting thing was the task about Romanian culture and history. Groups with 4 people got questions and we had to go throw the city to ask the people on the street. Subsequent we had to present our answers (every group had different questions) and finally we played a quiz between the groups.
Besides the seminar we had a lot of time to share our experience with each other.
Before I went back to Baile Tusnad on Saturday I went to Sinaia to visit the castle Pelisor and Sinaia Monastery (despite of heavy rain). Unfortunately the bigger castle in Sinaia, Peles, was closed for general cleaning.
Now I’m back in Baile Tusnad and looking forward to continue the EVS project.


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