Impressions after 1 month in Baile Tusnad

One month ago I leaved Germany to start my EVS in Baile Tusnad. It is the city with lowest inhabitants in whole Romania. The project I am working in is the Szent Anna youthcenter. A few days after me another volunteer from Latvia arrived. Also one volunteer from Hungary is making her EVS until December, so that we are 3 People. We are living in one shared flat which is 5 minutes from our working place away. Now I will report you something about working in living during the EVS so that you get a view about it. Maybe YOU decide to get a EVS volunteer too.

In the first two weeks we talked a lot about the EVS generally, for example about our expectations, rights and duties. After this we organized a intercultural evening with presentation about our countries and traditional food. On this evening our coordinator also presents us about culture and history of Transylvania. The main part of the project is to work with children. We play with them games and make handicraft activities. We made a parachute from garbage bags, created finger puppets on a traditional folk event, made Halloween decoration organized a afternoon with the topic rain forest protection and played games. At first time I thought it will be very hard because I don’t speak Hungarian, but most things can working without language knowledge and here is a another EVS Volunteer from Hungary in the project and she or our coordinator can translate for us. Before I start I had no experience in working with young children but they are really nice and I like to work with them.

Besides the working we have the possibility to learn the Hungarian language. It is very interesting to learn this language and I learn much about structure of languages and it helps to understand your my own an other languages better. On the other hand it is really hard because this Finno-Ugric language isn’t related to other languages (except Finish, Estonian and some languages of ethnic groups in the Ural region). Once time Mark Twain said „A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is. Surely there is not another language that is so slipshod and systemless, and so slippery and elusive to the grasp.“ I’m sure, he got never in contact with the Hungarian language.

Also outside of working and learning we are not lonely or bored because our coordinator integrate us in the local community. For example we collected Mushroom in the wood, we were invited to an evening with traditional potato goulash and we play basketball one time a week. In Baile Tusnad we have many possibilities for hiking tours. One time we walked to the Szent Anna Lake. It is a very nice hiking way and the lake a very nice place too.
But we are not the whole time in this tiny and nice city; The Latvian volunteer and I also traveled to other cites in Romania. One time we were in Brasov. There we affiliated to a tourist guide tour and we walked in the Mountains.
One happening in Brasov shows very good how friendly and helpful the people in Romania are. We asked a man for the way to a restaurant we researched in the internet before. He said he know this restaurant but it would be a little bit far away and he called a taxi. We felt a little bit uncomfortable that he wanted to pay for the taxi but despite our objection that we will pay he insisted to do it.

I can say that I enjoy the time in Romania and I don’t regret my decision to go to Romania.


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